Run To Give For Those Who Gave – The Poppy Run

Venues nationwide, October & November 2014

The Poppy Run is a national series of 5k fun runs, open to all, which aims to raise funds and awareness for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

We ran to give for those who gave in 2012!

We ran to give for those who gave!

Fun Run

With the emphasis on fun you don’t need to be super fit to take part in our 5k runs; whether you run it, jog it, walk it or even, as one 2012 participant did, crawl it! How you do it is not important as long as you do it!

Charity Runs for a Great Cause

Founded by the Royal British Legion in 1921, the annual Poppy Appeal has supported countless soldiers, sailors and airman who gave freely so we could enjoy our freedom. Iraq is still fresh in our minds and our troops are still serving in Afghanistan. And it is not just military personnel that the Royal British Legion supports, it is their families too. The Poppy Run is your opportunity to Run To Give For Those Who Gave.

5k Run

We don’t think it is asking too much to ask people to give up a Sunday morning in late October or early November to run, jog or walk 5k. They are fantastic family events that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy so whether this is your first fun run or you have done charity runs before, come along and get involved. It’s a small effort and a very easy way to say ‘thanks’.

The Poppy Run – Run To Give For Those Who Gave